White Frame (WF) produces and curates exhibitions and screenings, offering artists greater visibility for their art. Established in 2011 in Basel, Switzerland, our non-for-profit nomadic association operates mainly at the intersection of video art, cinema and photography.  We strive to forge national and international networks and generate collaboration. We initiate and implement projects and facilitate exchange between Swiss and international artists, institutions, independent curators, festival programmers, writers and the public.

Chantal Molleur: The Swiss/Canadian is co-founder, executive director and curator of White Frame. Molleur has produced and curated more than 30 exhibitions and screenings projects with White Frame since its inception in 2011. Molleur worked in the Canadian media arts for 20 years with a number of arts organisations in distribution and dissemination before moving to Switzerland in 2005. Until 2012, she worked as manager for the Swiss distribution platform videoart.ch. Molleur also mentor’s cinema school students (BFA and MFA), providing graduates of the Lucerne School of Art and Design with a one-year promotional plan and distribution support for their films. She has served on boards of directors and on juries for grants awarded to institutions, artists and filmmakers in Switzerland and in Canada. Molleur closely collaborates with freihändler film production, Basel in the evaluation and promotion of films.

Stella Händler: Co-founder and active member (Founder and managing director of Freihändler Film Produktion)

Pierre-André Lienhard: Co-founder Hilke Doering: Advisor Louise Simard: Advisor