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The Compiler Screenings 2018

3rd edition
December 12th, 2018, 18:30 - 21:00

Chen Chen, Franziska Schlienger, Schweiz/China 2017
My Honeymoon, Eilenn Hofer, Schweiz 2014
Facing Mecca, Jan-Eric Mack, Schweiz 2017
How long, not long, Michelle Kranot and Uri Kranot, Dennemark 2016
Santa, the Fascist Years, Bill Plympton, USA 2008
L'ambassadeur & moi, Jan Czarlewski, Schweiz, 2011
La impresión de una guerra, Camilo Restrepo, Kolumbien/Frankreich 2015
I Signed the Petition, Mahdi Fleifel, UK / Schweiz 2018

Bruno Quiblier, director, Base-Court, Lausanne
Chantal Molleur, director, White Frame

Stadtkino Basel

Are our convictions really ours or are they ideas instilled by a political party, a religion or a philosophical movement to which we adhere? Psychologists will define conviction as a strong belief that a behaviour is right, moral, and consistent with our deeper values. It offers a kind of certainty, not about the world, but about the morality of our own behaviour. The word is also connoted pejoratively: those who have convictions and those who believe in nothing. Where do we stand today in a highly polarised world where lack of respect characterises our political and social discourses. Are strong convictions fuelling misunderstandings, creating an ‘us ’ and ‘them' instead of only being who we are? Are we being right and moral to stand to our deeper values or are we acting out of resentfulness and arrogance? The Compiler Screenings 2018 curatorial focus concentrated on the thematic of some of the concepts surrounding convictions explored by artists and filmmakers from Switzerland, China, Colombia, Denmark, England and France.

In cooperation with the Stadtkino Basel, the Basel association White Frame presented "Convictions" video art and films from Switzerland and abroad. The program was co-curated by Bruno Quiblier, head of Base-Court in Lausanne as well member of the César short film selection committee in France and Chantal Molleur of White Frame.

This project was made possible thanks to the financial support of the Christoph Merian Stiftung and the Division of Cultural Affairs Basel-Stadt.