Katrin Freisager, « Landscape » (détail), 2010 | C – Print Photograph / Diasec - 120 x 138 cm

Katrin Freisager, « Landscape » (détail), 2010 | C – Print Photograph / Diasec - 120 x 138 cm

Où sommes-nous

Opening: September 11th, 2019
Exhibition: September 12th to November 10th, 2019
La Kunsthalle Mulhouse, France

Judith Albert (CH), Dana Claxton (CA), Nik Forrest (CA), Katrin Freisager (CH) and Capucine Vanderbrouck (FR)

Chantal Molleur, White Frame, Basel
Aaron Pollard, OBORO, Montreal
Sandrine Wymann, Kunsthalle Mulhouse

White Frame (Basel), La Kunsthalle Mulhouse and OBORO (Montreal) present Où sommes-nous with the artists Judith Albert (CH), Dana Claxton (CA), Nik Forrest (CA), Katrin Freisager (CH) and Capucine Vandebrouck (FR).

The exhibition explores the themes of the invisible, passages and memory. Où sommes-nous encompasses 22 works presented through a scenography offering a multitude of approaches exploring fundamental issues associated with framing, narrative, still and moving images.

Presented in Montreal in the fall of 2018 at OBORO, Où sommes-nous finds in Mulhouse its second iteration.The practices of these five artists span performance, figurative and abstract imagery, tying the body to landscape. Brought together, their works articulate common preoccupations concerning perception and a desire to both disrupt and expand the popular imaginary by drawing from avant-garde, feminist and vernacular strategies. Within the scope of this exhibition we witness a nod to alchemical processes and proto-photographic experimentation, a destabilizing examination of scale and of the body within built environments and landscapes, a traversing of psychic, social and colonial boundaries, and a resistance to normative structures among five established artists, each of whom open and disrupt conventions, bringing into question foundational assumptions over the line between reality and illusion.

This project is made possible thanks to the financial support of the Canadian Council for the Arts and the Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia.